In a future-driven network society, by default, firms and traditional markets with high transaction costs are in most cases the most expensive ways to organize the work of office workers. Firms and hierarchies where a good idea during the industrial era to organize the production factors land, labor and capital, but they work contra-productive to organize supply and demand of data. The future will be durable, decentral and data-driven. Are you ready for this?

Within industries like supply chain, finance, government- and HR, many interactions and transactions are executed every day. Consider emailing to a colleague, applying for a subsidy, loan or permit, placing a vacancy, ordering a course or update your HR system or portfolio. Transformation and within this context, concepts such as the digital assembly line, internet of things, blockchain, rich data, data logistics and artificial intelligence are very powerful concepts. A digital assembly line can execute interactions and transactions without almost any friction. This allows operational costs for office organizations to go to zero and this will make traditional organization forms to expensive by default and obsolete withing one generation.

The blockchain based digital assembly line makes it possible for buyers and sellers in thick markets to do business, without the use of expensive middlemen or complex contracts. This results in ecosystems and a programmable economy. Weconomics supports these networks with a fundamentally new organization solutions such as:  Data-driven Organizing (DDO), Digital Assembly Line (DAL), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Personal Data Services (PDS), Organization Data Services (ODS), Value Data Service (VDS), Transaction Data services (TDS), Data As A Service (DAAS), Trust As A Service (TAAS), Organization As A Service (OAAS), Data Economics, Data Logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), General Data Utility (Data Common), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s), Self Sovereign Identities (SSI), and Zero-Knowledge Proof.

What we do
You can see Weconet Technologies as a transformation composer, orchestrator and conductor. Together with our copartners we design, develop, valorize and execute new business-  and operating models and data technologies into usable solutions for your organization. We are your partner in the transformation into a durable, digital and decentral FutureNext. As an organization you have one point of contact, a Knowledge Center and we bring different resources together in different phases to achieve the set goal. You do not have to keep track of all knowledge and possibilities of the latest blockchain applications, security tools and changes in the labor market or social developments. Together we choose a vision, mission, ambition and strategy and determine which tools we can use to achieve this. We then coordinate people and resources into a project, and projects into a transformation program. We do this with the following solutions:

Our copartners
For organization and delivery we work together with Weconomics partners, Weconomics partners solutions and copartners such as:

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