In our digital society, by default, firms are the most expensive ways to organize the work of information- and knowledge workers. Firms and hierarchies worked during the industrial era, but they work contra productive to organize digital supply and demand.

Within all the domain like supply chain, finance, government- and HR, many transactions are executed every day. Consider applying for a subsidy or permit, placing a vacancy, ordering a course or update your HR system or e-Portfolio. Blockchain Organizing is a very powerful technology because it can almost execute transactions without friction. This allows the transaction costs to go to zero and this will make traditional organization forms, such as ‘the firm’ too expensive and eventually they will disappear. Blockchain Organizing is a better way to organize privacy, productivity and power in a digital society.

Blockchain Organizing makes it possible for buyers and sellers to do business, without the use of expensive middle men or complex contracts. This results in distributed networks that work smart and efficient. WECONET supports these networks with a fundamentally new organization concept called Blockchain Organizing. Blockchain Organizing is a mix of different principles, concepts and technologies such as:  Weconomics, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Personal Data Service (PDS), Data As A Service (DAAS), Data Logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), Ethereum, General Data Utility (Data Common), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s), Attribute Based Encryption (ABE), Key Homomorphism (KHM), Sieve and Enigma.

Dia6 WECONET Technologies will valorize these new organization principles, technologies and concepts into usable solutions for your organization. We do this with the following services:

For organization and delivery we work together with Weconomics partners and other organizations such as: