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Not a whitepaper, but more than 4.000 pages of research, analysis, concepts, perspective for action and practical examples is our basis. We bring modern organization science & data technology together to solve real social problems. Weconet Technologies was founded in one of the world’s smartest regions: Brainport Eindhoven in the Netherlands. For the European Commission, Eindhoven is the most innovate city of Europe. We use organization technology to manage communication, information and transactions and organize trust and work decentralized, scalable, autonomous and almost without any friction between supply and demand. We help with the realization of ecosystems and develop the concept of the blockchain based digital assembly line. The right deployment of a digital assembly line means that you can reduce digital waste, in most office organizations up to 30% of the total costs. With the digital assembly line, you also comply with the new privacy law and you will be less depending on big tech companies.

Our specialization
We transform organizations into durable, digital and decentral network organizations. We work with the Weconomics organization model. For us, Weconomics is a solution to real life problems. We are specialized in Organizing by Design. Not change the existing forms, but design en build new (network) organizations and transfer processes into these new organizations. Weconomics transform organizations so we have more time to do things that matter to us. This starts with awareness and believe. We believe that is is possible to organize a sustainable prosperity. Our projects start with a new perspective and vision on what work is, why we work and how we can organize our work in a better way.

We work industry agnostic  
One of the main reasons why it is very difficult for organizations to transform is that they think from a outdated organization dogma: they take their own company as the center of the universe. An important advantages of data and the digital assembly line is, that they are industry agnostic. We represent our human  world in bits & bytes, in zeros and ones. With a shared reality and meaning, data can flow with much less friction between previously different industries. The human-created differences and representations can be organized at the application level. The transport and storage of packet of ‘zeros and ones’ can be organized in the same way on a lower level. The data-infrastructure does not need to be specific. A road network for example is also agnostic, in this case auto-agnostic. Within the limits of the law, it does not matter which type or color of car you drive on the road.

We work for all kind of data-intensive organizations such as governments, finance-, healthcare-, education-, business services-, supply chain management-, facility management, HR- and smart industries.

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