About us

Not a whitepaper, but 2500+ pages of research, analysis, concepts and practical examples is our basis.

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Weconomics brings information technology and organizational science together to solve real problems. Weconomics was founded in one of the world smartest regions: Brainport Eindhoven in the Netherlands. We use organization technology (#orgtech) to manage transactions and organize trust and work decentralized, autonomous and almost without any friction between supply and demand. The right deployment of #orgtech means that your organization will be more productive and flexible, that you comply with the new privacy law (GDPR), will be less depending on big data- and software companies and give a new meaning to human work.

Our specialization
For us, Weconomics is a solution for real live problems. We are specialized in Organizing by Design. Not change the existing forms, but design en build new (network) organizations. We help organizations with the transition to more Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, so humans have more time to do things that really matter to us. This starts with awareness and believe. Our projects start with a new perspective and vision on what work is, why we work and how we can organize our work in a better way (and how Weconomics can add value to this).

HR, government, supply chain management and other domains
Besides the HR domain, government and Supply Chain Management, we work on some interesting projects:

  • Privacy: General Data Protection Rules (#GDPR, ‘Privacy by Design’)
  • General Data Utility like the electricity grid (#DataCommon)
  • Personal Data Service (#PDS)
  • Distributed Ledger Management System (#DLT, also for document management)
  • Process, project, event and case management (#orgtech)
  • e-Health (#fitbit, Electronic Health/Medical Record)
  • e-commerce, purchase and sales management
  • e-governance (#eVoting)

We work for knowledge-intensive organizations such as governments, healthcare, education, business services, supply chain management and smart industries.

More information
If you are interested in our organization, please contact us.