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  • With sufficient registrations on the third Monday of the month (13:00-17:00)
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  • Before visiting our lab, we advise you to first follow the lunch webinar ‘Data Wisdom’
  • Afterwards, sign up for our learning-working program ‘Data-driven organizing’
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  • Learn about data driven organizing with ecosystems, blockchain and the digital assembly line
  • Discover breakthrough data technologies, business- and operating models
  • Unlock opportunities and shape a durable, digital and decentral world
  • Meet projects, startups, professionals and the transformation leaders driving innovation
  • Get a behind-the-scenes, look into the innovation center of Weconomics, Twice and LCB
  • Network and meet Weconomics partners and alumni of our talent programs 

A Harvard Business Review article makes it clear: “It’s problematic when companies decide to embark on a digital transformation agenda without having a clear definition, let alone vision, for what it means. The fundamental meaning of transformation is not about replacing old technologies with new ones, or capturing high volumes of data, or hiring an army of data scientists, or trying to copy some of the things Google or Amazon do. In fact, the essence of digital transformation is to become a data-driven organization, ensuring that key decisions, actions, and processes are strongly influenced by data-driven insights, rather than by human intuition. In other words, you will only transform when you have managed to change how people behave, and how things are done in your organization

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Welcome to our BrainBloc experience lab for data-driven organizing on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Within this experience lab there is (in a non-technical way) particular attention to the internet of things (sensoring), blockchain, smart contracts, data logistics, and artificial intelligence (together also referred to as the digital assembly line) in combination with ecosystems and new business – and operating models.

Here you can discover, become aware, absorb knowledge, develop skills, get to know the latest tools. Everything you need for your transformation to a durable, digital and decentral FutureNext. The revolution of the ‘digital assembly line’, that’s what BrainBloc stands for. As with the introduction of the physical assembly line, ‘data-crafts’ are brought together under one roof within the experience lab. After all, the greatest gain cannot be achieved with even more technology, but by bringing together and organizing existing data technologies in the right way.

The digital assembly line, therefore, represents the combination of internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence. In other words, the production of data by, for example, sensors or cameras (IoT), a reliable digital infrastructure to store and access this data (blockchain and tokens), and smart algorithms to analyze and enrich this data (AI). Complicated? It’s not! In the experience lab you can see that from a new perspective, a different way of organizing, and consciously focusing on social innovation, there is a lot to be gained.

On April 12 2022, Rob van Gijzel, former mayor of Eindhoven and chairman of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, opened BrainBloc. The experience lab was set up partly thanks to a contribution from the municipality of Eindhoven. Within the lab, data-driven organizing with the blockchain-based digital assembly line plays an important role. Just like a hundred years ago with the physical assembly line, ecosystems in the Eindhoven region now play an important role in innovation.

More and more organizations are becoming data companies. Only organizing data can be much more productive. For example, consider a date of birth. It is now stored in dozens of places. In principle, this should be (logical seen) in one location if the access to it is opened up correctly. Data-driven organizing with the digital assembly line ensures less digital and human waste. We can use this surplus for organizing a sustainable prosperity.

But what are data and how do you organize the supply and demand, the production and consumptuion of data? You cannot directly see, smell, hear or feel data. That is why the experience lab makes data visible and human. In the lab, we not only show that data technologies are interesting for almost everyone, but we also show more specifically that it is precisely the combination of data technologies that offer new solutions.

We also show that applying data-driven organizing requires a fundamentally different way of thinking and design. Data and data flows are simulated with building blocks such as sensors, computers, and even Lego  bricks and trains. We use these to make a new form of systems thinking and the principle of a digital conveyor belt more familiar. BrainBloc is unique in that it initially focuses on the design side and organizational change. Disruptive data technologies such as blockchain only work if companies let go of their dominant logic and adjust their business and operating model. This is necessary for a durable, digital, and decentral future.

Innovation now takes place too much and too often from a business perspective, and this often makes society unnecessarily complex and unproductive. In the experience lab, you can see that social issues can be solved more easily by simply organizing data and making it work for itself. BrainBloc consists of a physical place, a community of startups, professionals, and entrepreneurs, and a learning-working program for new organizational designs and future-driven leaderschip. Free and non-binding events are regularly organized to make the target group easily aware of the benefits of data-driven organisation.

What can you expect:
When you visit our inspiration and simulation lab, you can expect the following after consultation::

  • data wisdom with lego: understanding what data is, how to organize it
  • introduction Blockchain Organizing
  • explanation blockchain based digital assembly line (visualization)
  • demo about blockchain and smart contract simulation games (Smartys)
  • inspiration sessions (think: Masterclass Blockchain)
  • demos: presentation of anonymized cases (for example: HR on the blockchain)
  • expert meetings (see for example: De Nieuwe Wereld)
  • old-DNA reflection (fresh thinkers respond to (image) material of old thinkers)
  • explanation of various sensors to capture and retain facts
  • roundtables, thought expeditions and Harvard cases
  • apply community model canvas and community building simulation
  • demonstrations of solutions such as elements.cloudArchimate en 

How can you participate?
The lab regularly offers free and non-binding introductory and exploration sessions for individuals. We then put together a program from the above components. In half a day you will discover what data are and how you can best organize it, not so much within your organization, but within a supply chain or better ecosystem. In addition, we offer packages for organizations or groups of professionals in which you can, for example, be informed in a day about the latest developments in the field of blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence and the digital assembly line. We then draw up a program together, based on the above components. After that, we can, for example, shape a transformation program together.

Visit the experience lab
If there are enough participants, the lab is in principle open every third Monday of the month from 13:00-17:00 for an introduction (type of tasting) or a date will be set in consultation. You do have to register. After registration you will receive further information and we will set a date together. If you want to participate as a group, please contact us.

In addition to the freely accessible lab for individuals, we also organize meetings for groups. Ask about the possibilities and costs. Would you like more information about our experience lab? Then please contact us..

No show up
If you are unable to attend after receiving the confirmation, please cancel at least one working day in advance. If we do not receive a (timely) cancellation, we will charge € 50 for unnecessary costs.

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