No investment needs at the moment, we expect a new investment round Q3 2019

The  World Economic Forum expects that in 2025, 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), will be stored on blockchains or blockchain related technology. We expect that Blockchain Organizing and the need for consultancy, training and development, recruitment and  staffing, will grow exponential the next decade. You are invited to join us in this blockchain revolution. WECONETis looking for additional quality investors. This will be invested in our projects such as:

  • Development of a Data common (General Data Utility)
  • Personal Data Service (PDS) on a blockchain
  • e-Portfolio on a blockchain
  • Privacy, Productivity & Power by Design
  • Project-, event- and case management on a blockchain

Reasons to invest

  • blockchain is a disruptive new technology with the same potential as the internet
  • as an early blockchain adapter for HR and governments there is a lot of potential
  • our vision on how the IT landscape will transform the next decade
  • skilled and experienced (management) team and partners
  • up to 50+ communities / channels willing to participate
  • active network (1000+ organizations)
  • new organization model with almost no friction and zero transaction costs
  • proven IT applications based on widely accepted ontology and taxonomy
  • validated and successful transition program towards a network economy
  • founding partners like ADP, Atos, Deltalloyd, NXP and USG People

Some conclusions on blockchain organizing

Interesting reading
What Venture Capitalists Look For In A Blockchain Startup (Forbes June 16, 2016)

More information
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