Weconet Technologies

There is a new and disruptive technology for organizing trust . This technology will make traditional coordination mechanism, like the firm, too expensive, almost by default. This new technology is called: blockchain. When blockchain technology is combined with a fundamentally new organization model (Weconomics), a disruptive way of organizing trust, work, your business and our economy will emerge. We call it Blockchain Organizing.

Our results

Blockchain book
What if selling your house would be as easy as sending an email? Big chance you would not believe that this will become reality in the near future?¬†How we can manage this disruptive innovation you can read in our new book: ‘Blockchain Organizing for Managers: The Reinvention of management’¬†

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More information on the book, including  preview and how to buy it.

What do we do?
Together with our business partners we help organizations to create awareness and apply the concept of Blockchain Organizing, especially for knowledge intensive (service) organizations. We help to answer questions for organizations like: ‘Should we invest in blockchain and how do we start?’

We focus on:

  • The transition from your company to a network organization (DAO)
  • Blockchain development and implementation for your organization
  • Blockchain for Communities (B4C), Shared Transaction Networks
  • Development of a Data Common, connected to communitysoftware
  • Connecting different blockchains (interoperability between blockchains)

With Blockchain Organizing we address problems in the field of purpose of work, productivity improvement, privacy protection, power inequality, propaganda and processes improvement. With our business partners and promotors we offer the following solutions:



“Blockchain Organizing will open up the possibility of transactions in all sorts of industries where this was previously impossible, impractical or too expensive.”