Weconet Blockchain Technologies

There is a new and disruptive technology for organizing trust in the supply and demand chain. This technology will make traditional coordination mechanism, too expensive, almost by default. This new technology is called: blockchain. When blockchain technology is combined with a fundamentally new organization model, a disruptive way of organizing trust, work, economy and prosperity will emerge. We call it Blockchain Organizing.

The World Economic Forum has identified blockchain as one of the mega trends. Their research shows that in 2025, 10% of the GDP will be stored on a blockchain or with blockchain related technology.

We help organizations to create awareness and apply the management concept of Blockchain Organizing, especially for knowledge intensive (service) organizations. We help to answer this question for organizations: should we invest in the blockchain or not?

With Blockchain Organizing we address problems in the field of purpose of work, productivity improvement, privacy protection, power inequality, propaganda and processes improvement. We offer the following solutions:

“Blockchain Organizing will open up the possibility of transactions in all sorts of industries where this was previously impossible, impractical or too expensive.”