Weconomics Solutions

 “We reduce your digital waste and total costs with the help of
a digital assembly line, powered by blockchain, rich data & data logistics”
Paul Bessems (CEO)

Weconomics Solutions is the executive organization for the Weconomics Foundation. Weconomics focuses on the alignment of disruptive technologies with fundamentally new organization models and concepts. These technologies and concepts will make traditional organizations and inefficient markets too expensive, almost by default. One of these new organization concepts is called: The digital assembly line. A blockchain creates rich data that, together with data logistics, assembles data into information. This will reduce digital waste and organizational costs by tens of percent. Weconomics works with concepts such as: self sovereign identity, zero knowledge proof, data minimization and privacy by design.

What the physical assembly line did in factories, will the digital assembly line do in offices.

Weconomics in a nutshell
Weconomics is a network organization with over 200 partners. Weconomics:

  • helps organizations with digital strategies, the development of digital ecosystems, blockchain organizing and the digital assembly line to reduce digital waste;
  • combines disruptive organization technologies with fundamentally new organizational models;
  • focuses on the organization of data supply and demand to reduce friction and improve productivity;
  • moves between science and practice
  • offers new organization models and design tools, a network infrastructure and a transition program with dozens of own management books, articles, cases, courses and simulation games;
  • has more than 30 years of experience in designing and developing new organizations that are fit for the digital future;
  • is an expert in the field of digital transformation and advises on a strategic level and works industry agnostic.

Our solutions
Weconomics offers Academy services (training, lectures, courses, cases etc.), Project Support (digital waste assessments, Community Model Canvas, scenario planning, backcasting etc.), HR-Services (recruitment, staffing, assessment, talent programs), Consultancy, Software Development (simulations, proof of concepts) and an Expert Network & Knowledge Center.

Our customers
Some of our customers we could help with our advise, training, design and/or development solutions:



Our latest book on blockchain
B4M_UK v3.jpgWhat if selling your house would be as easy as sending an email? Big chance you would not believe that this will become reality in the near future? How we can manage this disruptive innovation you can read in our new book: ‘Blockchain Organizing for Managers: The Reinvention of management’ 

More information on the book, including  preview and how to buy it.

What do we do?
Together with our partners we help organizations to create awareness and apply the concept of Weconomics, especially for knowledge intensive (service) organizations. we offer research, advice, training, design & development services. We:

  • reduce digital waste with > 50%
  • design and develop your digital assembly line
  • reduce total costs in offices with 10-20%

We focus on:

  • The transition from (your) company to a digital network organization
  • From local IT to open source shared IT
  • Organization design, development and implementation for your organization
  • Design and development of shared information- and transaction networks
  • Development of a data common, connected to applications

With Weconomics we address problems in the field of purpose (of work), productivity, privacy, power, propaganda and processes. Together with our partners we design, develop and offer solutions such as the digital assembly line to reduce digital waste in offices, improve productivity and create surplus to organize a broader and more sustainable prosperity.