We advise policymakers, strategists, innovation teams and boardrooms on blockchain technology and Blockchain Organizing. We align the business with organization technology, in order to improve productivity. We advise organizations how they can transform from traditional firms into hubs of shared and distributed information- and transaction networks or business ecosystems. Because Blockchain Organizing is ‘NOT ORGANIZING US USUAL’, we support organization using this program:


There are also a lot of new and unknown organizations out here that can help you (and some times not help you) with your blockchain developments and investments. Since we started Weconomics at the ‘beginning’ of internet and Weconet Technologies at the beginning of the blockchain era, we have a broad and deep overview of possible solutions and organizations that can actually help you with your digital transformation and to build you own blockchain business.

Blockchain Organizing results in improving the purpose of work, productivity, privacy, propaganda and power balance. Because the design, development and management of blockchain organizations need specific expertise, more and more blockchain consultants are hired to help. They can help to translate business needs into technology but also advise on different technologies, projects, financing etc.

A blockchain consultant is a professional in analyzing a situation, in designing and developing new organizations with Blockchain Organizing fundamentals. In this process a good design is very important because it will prevent execution or management problems later. He or she can also support the management of a blockchain organization.

Blockchain Organizing takes into account that information- and knowledge workers will work more and more with other people, outside the ‘firm walls’, and relatively less with colleagues inside the firm walls. Improving productivity and privacy, by working smarter together with other organizations in a global shared transaction network that is based on blockchain technology, is an important driver for Blockchain Organizing. Our consultants can help you with this.

Our consultants bridge the gap between fundamentally new organization models, new (blockchain) technologies and practical solutions (shared transaction networks and applications). They all are experienced and work with new thinking and doing since internet technology became available to organize information supply and demand in a more productive way. They have experienced that the internet didn’t change the fundamental way in which we organize supply and demand. They are aware of the productivity paradox. Internet didn’t change our default but also obsolete coordinating mechanism like the firm, the non-transparent market or inefficient government.

Our consultants use the Weconomics Apollo program, Weconet infrastructure and Nomad model. These ensure that our customers can use the latest insights in new organization models, blockchain infrastructure, technology and use cases.

Nomad represents New Organization Models and Design. Network organizations can use Nomad for example to design, develop and exploit a transaction network, based on blockchain organizing. Software companies can use it to build blockchain applications. Research institutes can use Nomad for their own research projects and education institutes can used it to adapt their curriculum for example.

Apollo represents: Advanced Program on Leading and Learning Others. It is a program to select blockchain consultants and to inspire, educate and coach leaders, so that these people can, again, select and learn other leaders.

Weconet represents the Weconomics network and is an ontology, taxonomy and Object Role Model you can use as starting point for your database model.

Our consultants give new insight in the way your organization can organize trust and work.  They make organization technology really works for us .

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