Weconomics Solutions is a Weconomics Associate and executor of the Weconomics body of thoughts. Weconomics is an organization model, end-to-end infrastructure and transition program for the organization of a sustainable prosperity.

In our relation with the foundation we use modern organization science & technology to address the following issues:

  1. Purpose: as there is more organization technology available, more and more people looking for a new meaning in work and work organizations: companies must contribute to a more sustainable prosperity.
  2. Privacy: the problem that organizations are not ready for the new European privacy regulation (#GDPR) in 2018: a not reported a data breach can cost an organization up to 4% of global turnover.
  3. Productivity: almost all western countries struggle to maintain their welfare state. Fundamental problem is that our productivity growth (despite billions of investments in IT) doesn’t keep up with the growth off our welfare costs (healthcare, education, safety).
  4. Power: the need for Europe to be less dependent on powerful and mostly American tech companies (big five: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Microsoft).
  5. Propaganda: less fake news and propaganda.
  6. Processes: improve processes in existing organization and ‘make them ready’ to move to shared transaction networks.

We solve these problems by valorizing and applying new concepts and technologies in combination with a new perspective and organization model. We organize Greenfield, we start again. Not change the existing obsolete way of organizing work, but start again with an new design. We call this: ‘Innovation by Design’ (purpose, privacy, productivity, power and processes by design).

As an associate, Weconomics Solutions a Weconomics executive partner for some specific tasks.

What are our executive tasks ?

  1. We organize and deliver Weconomics events, projects and books
  2. We operate three basic layers of the Weconomics Infrastructure (core, basic and frame).
  3. We set up local chapters for the Weconomics Foundation.