Weconet Technologies BV (trade name: Weconomics Solutions) is a Weconomics Associate and executor of the Weconomics philosophy, ideas, intellectual legacy and the Weconomics school of thought. We initiate and develop commonality products & services and others that are not on the market yet and are not provided sufficiently by other Weconomics partners. We also coordinate Weconomics partners, act as lead in projects of transformation programs and operate the Weconomics support Center.

What are our executive tasks, some examples
As an associate, Weconomics Solutions is a Weconomics executive partner for some specific tasks, we:

  1. organize and deliver Weconomics events, projects and books
  2. operate three basic layers of the Weconomics Infrastructure (core, basic and frame)
  3. operate the Weconomics Support Center
  4. collect partnership fees
  5. set up local chapters for the Weconomics Foundation.
  6. act as lead in projects and programs
  7. coordinate between Weconomics partners themselves and between partners and customers
  8. finance function, teams and projects