As a legal entity you can become an associate of Weconomics Solutions (Weconet Technologies BV). At least one natural person/employee of your organization, should be Weconomics member.

We help associates to transform into a durable, data-driven and decentral network organization. Advantages for associates are:

  • all the advantages a Weconomics member has
  • you may use the Weconomics logo with the expression ‘Weconomics Associate’
  • yearly free of charge FutureNext check up (kind of MOT-test for cars, or APK in dutch)
  • we help you to be future-proof

Associateship fees and services for organizations 
Associateships are for an unspecified time until further notice before October the first, each year (a notice period of 3 months). All fees are ex. VAT.

Category micro small medium large pay per
# Employees 1<10 11<50 51<250 >250  
Associateship € 250 € 500 € 1.000 € 2.000 year

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If you have questions about the associateship for organizations first, you can contact us.

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Weconet Technologies BV
Weconet Technologies BV (trade name: Weconomics Solutions) is a special Weconomics Associate and executor of the Weconomics philosophy, ideas, intellectual legacy, and the Weconomics school of thought. We devise, design, and develop solutions based on the Weconomics philosophy. We also coordinate Weconomics partners, lead transformation programs and projects, organize Weconomics events and operate the Weconomics support Center.

What are our executive tasks? Some examples

As a special associate, Weconomics Solutions has some specific tasks:

  1. organize and deliver Weconomics events, projects, and books
  2. operate three basic layers of the Weconomics Infrastructure (core, basic, and frame)
  3. operate a media- and financing platform
  4. operate the Weconomics Support Center
  5. collect partnership and membership fees
  6. set up local chapters for the Weconomics Foundation.
  7. act as lead in solutions, projects and programs
  8. coordinate between Weconomics partners themselves and between partners and customers

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