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As a Weconomics member you will have access to our Weconomics Knowledge Center. With this membership you will not only get access to case & learning materials and our organized knowledge, but also access to our network of specialists and experts. This service will give you quick and competent answers to your digital transformation questions. A membership fee is only € 200, – per year per (natural) person.

In our knowledge center, you find:

  1. Learning materials
  2. Case Materials
  3. Explanation video’s

and….  relevant and categorized  information about:

  1. Books, media and conferences
  2. Advice-, education and training organizations
  3. IT-development organizations
  4. Network organizations, communities, platforms and associations
  5. Labs, R&D and knowledge institutes
  6. Theses en dissertations

For the following industries:

  • General, Management, SupportServices
  • Agrifood
  • Education, Research & Development
  • Smartfactory, Industry
  • Facility Management, Maintenance
  • Finance, Insurance, Fiscal, Accountancy, Subsidy
  • ForTheGood, Culture, Sustainability, CorporateSocialResponsibility, NGO’s
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Human Capital Management, Recruitment, TrainingDevelopment
  • Legal
  • Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Purchase
  • Marketing, AccountManagement, Sales, Communication
  • Hospitality Management, Travel, Accommodation, Leisure
  • Utility, RealEstate

For Frequently Used Definitions (FUD) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) see our wikilexis (dutch only).


  • access to our libraries with 1000+ organized articles, blogs etc.
  • max. 4 * 0,5 hour video-call with experts per year
  • ask questions via our contact form

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