Weconomics project partner

Weconomics Solutions is executive partner for Weconomics projects when there are legal entities involved. We believe in open innovation and in innovation by design. Via projects we design and develop applications for communities. A typical project has the following roles:

  1. client
  2. project leader
  3. Weconomics fellow (Weconomics model, infrastructure and program)
  4. suppliers: who contribute and get paid
  5. market parties: who invest, get paid later (more), benefit form the innovation
  6. experts: supports with knowledge en network, business model is a hybrid of 4 and 5

A typical project has 10-20 market parties, all contributing in time (4-6 day parts per project) and money (€ 2K – € 10K per project). When the project is ready for the market, market parties get paid back (more then they invest) via for example:

  • discounts
  • shares
  • credits

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If you are interested to register but first you want more information, please contact us.

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