Weconomics Solutions is a full-service organization that combines modern organization technology with disruptive data technologies to reduce your digital waste and improve your productivity. We develop and apply organization concepts such as blockchain, rich data, data logistics and the digital assembly line as part of real digital transformation that goes beyond digitization and digitalization.

Weconomics is a network organization and home to over 240 partners working together to realize our mission and ambition: ‘Work Less, Achieve More: halving office work within one generation’ and to organize a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science & data technology.

Our organization
We work with the concepts as Innovation As a Service and Organization As A Service: a dedicated team will perform the job and it shouldn’t matter whether people have a fixed, flexible or ‘buy-in’ contract. Our projects and teams are organized with specialists that cover the range of: awareness, analysis, leadership, strategy, concept, design, development, exploitation and service.

Weconomics Solutions works with contractors, freelancers and employees. Most roles can be performed remotely. We work together with other organizations and the 240+ Weconomics partners.