Weconomics Solutions is a startup in organization technology (#orgtech) with a lot of experience. We develop and apply the organization concepts such as Blockchain Organizing as part of the Digital Transformation to reduce data-friction between and within organizations. Our mission is to develop and apply new technologies, like distributed ledger technology, to organize a more sustainable prosperity by improving purpose of work, productivity, privacy, processes and the power balance (inequality, become less depending on powerful organizations and governments).

Our strategy is to use distributed ledger technology to become more productive which results in surplus time that can be used to maintain our standard of living without extra costs or debts.

Organization form
We work with the principle of Work As A Service: a dedicated project, team or function will perform the job and it shouldn’t matter whether people have a fixed, flexible or ‘buy-in’ contract. Our projects, teams and functions are organized with specialists that cover the range of: awareness, analysis, leadership, strategy, concept, design, development, exploitation and service.

Weconomics Solutions has both contract en permanent roles all over the world. Most roles can be performed remotely. We work together with own partners and the 200+ Weconomics partners.