Weconomics Solutions is a startup in organization technology (#orgtech) with a lot of experience. We develop and apply organization concepts such as Blockchain, Rich Data, Data Logistics and the Digital Assembly Line in order to reduce digital waste.

Weconomics is a network organization and home to over 240 partners working together to realize our mission: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ and to organize a broader and more sustainable prosperity with the help of modern organization science & technology.

Our organization
We work with the concept of Organization As A Service: a dedicated team will perform the job and it shouldn’t matter whether people have a fixed, flexible or ‘buy-in’ contract. Our projects and teams are organized with specialists that cover the range of: awareness, analysis, leadership, strategy, concept, design, development, exploitation and service.

Weconomics Solutions has both contract en permanent roles all over the world. Most roles can be performed remotely. We work together with other organizations and the 200+ Weconomics partners.