Blockchain Project Support

More and more organizations see the power of Blockchain Organizing and want to start a (pilot) project or use case. For example: a project to answer the question whether or not they should invest in blockchain, when and how? Or they want to develop a ‘Proof of Concept’ (POC) application , or start a ‘Blockchain for Privacy Project’.Start Up Company Diagram Advice Steps Dry Erase Board Instructio

But how does this work, if it is your first time? How do you set up a blockchain project? Where do start and where do you get your resources? Who is the expert in your domain? Which concepts or tools are available and how do you manage all of this?

Weconet Technologies helps organizations with blockchain project support. You can use our expert network, infrastructure, knowledge center and transition program for your projects.

In generally, we distinguish the following phases in Blockchain Project Support:

  1. Awareness: what is our perspective: from new thinking to a pilot idea
  2. Proof of Concept: simple but working demo of a blockchain use case
  3. Feasibility: what problems do we solve with blockchain organizing?
  4. Open innovation: innovate, together with stakeholders
  5. Development: develop a working ‘Proof of Concept’ application
  6. Implementation: working application

Our blockchain project support usually starts with an introduction in Blockchain Organizing.

Overall, we distinguish the following steps in Blockchain Project Support:

  1. You have an idea and would like to here the opinion of an expert
  2. If you are not a Weconomics partner yet, you become one (€ 100, ones)
  3. You fill in this form: Blockchain Organizing quickscan
  4. On of our consultants evaluates your answers and will contact you
  5. If we cannot add any value to your idea/project we will tell you, or advise other experts. You don’t have to pay anything.
  6. If we are going to work together on your project and you want to continue, you pay 390 euro (included a Weconomics partnership, worth 100 euro) for an analyses, advise and presentation of one of our consultants.

Your advantages

  1. First hand experts in Blockchain Organizing
  2. A fundamentally new organization model for blockchain applications
  3. An open source general data infrastructure (ontology and taxonomy)
  4. A validated and proven transition program
  5. Network of blockchain experts, consultants, trainers and developers.

Project examples

  • Bring Your Own Data
  • Personal Data Service on a blockchain
  • Government services on a blockchain
  • Expat Services on a blockchain
  • Peer to peer platform form HR market
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Social coins on a blockchain

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.