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Introduction Blockchain Organizing

We know the concept of ‘the blockchain’, especially in relation to the bitcoin and blockchain technology. Blockchain organization is broader and looks especially to the use of blockchain technology to allow a friction less flow of added value from supply to demand. Blockchain organizing is not technically, it uses technology. You do not have to know how a combustion engine works to drive a car. Blockchain organization is about the impact on your organization, your function and added value in your ecosystem. It is similar to the question of ‘What is the impact of the Internet on your organization?’ Blockchain organizing will lead to the redundant of several functions and organizations that intermediate between supply and demand.

People of a certain age will probably remember an important question from the mid-nineties: ‘Should our organization have a website and use the Internet?’ We can hardly imagine this question now. But the coming years your organization will have to answer a similar question: ‘Should our organizations go on the blockchain? To answer this question it is important to understand what blockchain organizing is and what the implications are for your organization and function.

More and more experts expect that the blockchain will have a similar development as the Internet and the World Wide Web, 25 years ago. What email was for post offices is the blockchain for many intermediary functions such as management, HR, sales, legal and finance.

€ 195,- per participant for the open workshop en € 600 – 1200,- for In company, depending on preparation time.

During the ‘Introduction Blockchain Organizing’ you will learn what blockchain organizing is and what it means for you. You will learn what features will disappear and how you can continue to add value. If you want to read more about blockchain organizing click here for our whitepaper.

The intention of this introduction to blockchain organizing is to:

  • acquire knowledge about blockchain organizing en blockchain technology
  • be in contact with other people who are interested
  • get a more detailed perceptive of what blockchain organizing can mean for your organization, your function and for your personal
  • get more information about the Weconomics organization model, knowledge infrastructure and transition program

Who should attend?
Organization advisers, IT-architect en intermediary functions such as: managers, HR, legal and finance function. In particular, this introduction is important for professionals engaged in new organizing and design, developing new organizational forms and organizations. Examples of blockchain organizations are: communities, networks, partnerships, shared service centers, cooperatives.

The expected program for the meeting:

  • Introduction: what is blockchain organizing?
  • Analyses: What is our perspective (analysis, vision, ambition)
  • What problems do we solve?
  • What is Bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • What’s blockchain organizing in detail
  • Theory: Organization theory and its influence on blockchain organizing
  • Practice: what can you with blockchain organizing?
  • Impact on your organization, function, role and person
  • Questions, summary and next steps in transition program

During the introduction the following aspects and questions of blockchain organizing wil be addressed:

  • What is blockchain organizing?
  • Why do we work and why do we organize our work
  • Differences between firm/government and market
  • Scalability versus flexibility
  • Specialization, coordination and finalization
  • Faces in the way we organize our work
  • What is value and what is a transaction
  • Blockchain and cooperation in an ecosystem
  • Blockchain related to Personal Data Service and new privacy regulation (#GDPR)
  • Organization technology (#orgtech)
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (#DAO)
  • Blockchain an organization theory
  • Important for which function, organizations and industries?
  • Which human performed tasks will disappear n
  • The advantage of blockchain organizing
  • How to design, develop and implement blockchain organizing?
  • Change resistors and change management
  • Examples of practical uses
  • Leadership and transition program

Read our white paper.

All participants receive the book ‘Elke dag als de zon opkomt: de geschiedenis van de community economie’ (Dutch only).

Next step: community member
Participants have the opportunity to continue their cooperation with other participants and Weconet by joining our community. In this membership is included a Weconomics partnership . As a Weconomics partner you can participate in our blockchain projects and use the widely spread and diverse Weconomics network, organization model, peer-to-peer platform and transition program.