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We offer different talent programs, learn/work programs and certified programs for high potentials. Here an impression of previous classes:

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During a half year intensive learn/work program, talented candidates work on assignments, projects or a startup. One day a week they attend an educational program, other days they work on projects. They are supervised by a senior consultant. The program ends with an examination and design assignment.

This program is especially designed for professionals who are interested in data driven organizing and transformational leadership with a comprehensive education and background in: Business Administration, Management, Finance, Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics, Logistics, Supply Chain and Facility Management, Purchasing, Marketing, Data Science, Organizational Science, Public Administration, Strategy and Policy, Law and Sociology. Furthermore, motivation and entrepreneurship is an important selection criterion.

With these talent programs we help you with, probably the most important core competence for the coming years: data driven organizing. More information on our learning-working program (English | Dutch).

Feedback from one of the participants:

Beyond Blockchain technology and data economy
In the industrial revolution, where unprecedented amount of things changed our way of working as factory workers, we are approaching a new era: the data economy. With the introduction of the  internet, information exchange such as email was made possible, while blockchain technology is taking a sprint start in becoming the technology for value exchanges. In this new phase our economy is fueled by data, which became essential to do business. But is the way we currently organize resistant against the way data will be organized in the future? Will businesses stay the same as we know it or will blockchain technology and new ways of organizing be the start of new business models and so called trust companies? Important topics as trust and collaboration between businesses have a key role in this course when we talk about organizing and such new technologies as blockchain.
This Weconomics certified  program gives new insights about the next phase were in. What attracts me most is to think about how things can be organized more efficient and different, not about how they are currently organized. Technologies such as blockchain can have a major impact on how we manage, share and use our data in the future. To be thinking about the future way of organizing and pioneering about how it could look like, it feels like you are one step ahead of everyone else. With an inspirational speaker, trainer and pioneer as Paul Bessems, and the combination of new technologies and new ways of organizing, this is a true eye opener. It will let you see the possibilities in business you had not thought of.
Marco Gerritse | Innovator |

More information on the Weconomics Certified Program (Dutch only)

With our certified program, we recruit, train, develop and assess professionals for assignments, projects, entrepreneurship and sometimes permanent positions. We are looking for digital leaders, blockchain leads, organization designers, consultants, strategist, business developers, IT-architects, researchers and community managers.

We help organizations with:

  1. Students (interns, graduates, phd’s and trainees)
  2. Young Professionals (just graduated)
  3. Professionals (5 to 10 year relevant work experiences)
  4. Senior professionals (more than 10 year relevant work experiences)

By combining the newest data technologies with our experience and knowledge in business ecosystems, we help you find the right talent for your real digital transformation challenge. For special assignments we team up (Organization As A Service) with industry-, technology- and HR-professionals to deliver the best solutions to your challenge.

Our professionals are experts in transformation, ecosystems, the digital assembly line, modern organization science and data technology and will transform your organization in a network organization with knowledge of the latest technologies such as internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

More solutions
Beside talent programs, we also offer different HR-services such as: training and development, assessments, recruitment and staffing.

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