Blockchain development

We help our customers with their blockchain (IT)development. We are specialized in blockchain development for communities (B4C: Blockchain for Communities*). We focus on the development of the Data Common (core, core-tech: scalable) in relation to the context (domain, DAPP, application, wallet: flexible). We try to do this with a minimum of agents between supply and demand.

A modern community is characterized by a n:n relationship. This means: many consumers and many producers work together in a blockchain. The network is often offered by a network supplier who is the hub or support center for the community that works with blockchain technology and or has an own blockchain.

We expect that the most project for the next years will be Proof Of Concept (POC) projects. At this moment we are working together with our stakeholders on several projects:

  • Personal Data Service on a blockchain
  • HR on blockchains
  • Government processes on blockchains
  • Supply chain management on blockchains

It is often forgotten that blockchain transactions need two previous processes: profiling and search. before you can change values with blockchain technology you need to describe and find the value. Here is an example we are working on the dutch Training & Development market. It is a project to profile, find, buy and pay courses with blockchain technologies:


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* Blockchain for Business (B4B), Blockchain for People (B4P), Blockchain for Communities (B4C)