Software development

We help our customers with their software development. We are specialized in software development for communities and consortia. We focus on the development of a data common (core, basis and framework =  infrastructure and scalable) in relation to the context (domain, industry = application and flexible). We try to do this with a minimum of agents between supply and demand.

We can set up a simulation, demo, Proof of Concept and Minimum Viable Product. We make a use case, for instance 3 course suppliers and 3 course customers work together to profile, select, purchase and pay for a service in their (mini) community. But if it works for 6 organizations, it will also work for 600.

A modern community is characterized by a n:n relationship. This means: many consumers and many producers work together. The network is often offered by a network supplier who is the hub or support center for the community that works with distributed ledger technology and or has an own blockchain.

We expect that the most project for the next years will be use cases, learning-, simulation and Proof Of Concept (POC) projects. At this moment we are working together with our stakeholders on several ideas, use cases and projects in different industries:

  • Management (OrgTech)
  • Agrifood (AgriTech)
  • Education & Research (EduTech)
  • SmartFactory (FacTech)
  • Facility Management & Maintenance (FamTech)
  • Finance, Insurance, Fiscal & Accountancy (FinTech)
  • Technology For The Good (FTGTech)
  • Government (GovTech)
  • Healthcare (HealthTech)
  • Human Resource Management (HRTech)
  • Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBSTech)
  • Legal & Notary (LegTech)
  • Logistics, Purchase & Supply Chain Management (LogTech)
  • Marketing, Sales & Communication (MarTech)
  • Traveling, Mobility & Hospitality (TrafTech)
  • Utility & Real Estate (UtilTech)

Maybe you think: why so many industries? That’s impossible for a startup. But forget these industries, this ordering is a legacy of the industrial revolution. Data, blockchain and the digital assembly line don’t ‘see’ these industries, these human contexts. They only ‘see’ zero’s and ones’, ‘bits and bytes’. We work for every organization, and therefore every ‘industrial based industry’, that has to do with organizing supply and demand. Of course we have our focus in our (market) strategy, but that doesn’t mean that we only work for these markets.

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