Blockchain Organizing Center of Knowledge (BLOCK)

As a Weconomics member you will have access to our Blockchain Organizing Knowledge Center (BLOCK). With this membership you will not only get access to our organized knowledge about Blockchain Organizing, but also access to our network of blockchain consultants, specialists and experts. This service will give you a quick and competent answer to your blockchain questions. A membership fee is only € 200, – per year.

In our knowledge center, you find relevant information about:

  1. Books, media and conferences
  2. Advice-, education and training organizations
  3. IT-development organizations
  4. Network organizations, communities, platforms and associations
  5. Blockchain Labs (R&D and knowledge institutes)
  6. Theses en dissertations
  7. Recruitment, vacancies (texts)
  8. (Explanation) video’s

For the following industries:

  • OrgTech (GeneralOrganization, Management, SupportServices)
  • AgriTech (Agrifood)
  • EduTech (Education, ResearchDevelopment)
  • FacTech (Smartfactory, Industry)
  • FamTech (FacilityManagement, Maintenance)
  • FinTech (Finance, Insurance, Fiscal, Accountancy, Subsidy)
  • FTGTech (ForTheGood, Culture, Sustainability, CorporateSocialResponsibility, NonGovernmentalOrganization)
  • GovTech (Government)
  • HealthTech (Healthcare)
  • HRTech (HumanResources, HumanCapitalManagement, Recruitment, TrainingDevelopment)
  • LegTech (Legal)
  • LogTech (Logistics, LogisticsMangement, SupplyChainManagement, Purchase)
  • MarTech (Marketing, AccountManagement, Sales, Communication)
  • TrafTech (Travel, Accommodation, Hospitality, Leisure)
  • UtilTech (Utilities, RealEstate)
  • KIBSTech (Knowledge Intensive Business Services, other than above)
  • Various (Combination of above)
  • Other (Other than above)

And the following services:

  1. IDTech (Identity)
  2. DocTech (Documents)
  3. FlowTech (Workflows, smartcontracts)

For Frequently Used Definitions (FUD) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) see our wikilexis (dutch only).


  • access to our libraries with 1000+ organized articles, blogs etc.
  • max. 4 * 0,5 hour Skype-call with blockchain experts per year
  • ask questions via our contact form
  • visit member only events

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