Workshop Blockchain Simulation Game for Financials

The Blockchain Simulation Game for financials is a three-hour workshop in which financials learn how Blockchain works through an interactive simulation game. In addition, a clear overview is given of what the Blockchain technology will have for an influence on organizations and companies and on the financial field in particular. There is also room for exchanging ideas with colleagues from the financial field about the possibilities and the impact of Blockchain.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To acquire basic knowledge about Blockchain technology and Blockchain Organizing in a short time.
  • Understand the basics behind the Blockchain technology by building a simple Blockchain with the group. Not on the computer but with pen and paper and an app.
  • Learn how Blockchain deals with privacy, reliability and data integrity.
  • Learn what the current and future possibilities are in the financial field.
  • Be prepared for Blockchain-based applications in organizations and specifically in the financial function.
  • Insight into the role of Finance in digitization and Blockchain in particular.
  • Establish contact and discuss with other finance professionals who are interested in this theme.

Target audience
Higher educated finance professionals working in companies and government. Self-employed people in Finance. Finance and Management consultants. Certified Controllers (RC) and Chartered Accountants (RA). Auditors. Tax Managers and Advisers. Finance Managers, Finance Directors and CFOs.

This training is especially important for finance professionals who are or want to be involved in the design and development of Blockchain technology in their organizations, and want to understand what Blockchain technology means for the financial function.

No technical knowledge or knowledge of Blockchain is required. The workshop and game is specifically designed for non-technicals.


30 minutes | Introduction

  • Get to Know each other
  • Introduction and context
  • What is Blockchain Organising and why it is important

90 minutes | Blockchain Simulation Game
Participants play the role of companies that have decided to form a consortium and contribute to a common Blockchain. They follow a fictional scenario in which they experience the advantages of a Blockchain in order to improve their decision-making possibilities.

As they race selfishly to get their claims on a block, they also take unselfish actions to ensure that the system continues to flow, in accordance with how a Blockchain works. The tactical nature of business simulation increases involvement and accelerates learning.

60 minutes (incl. break) | Blockchain and Finance

  • Digitization and the impact of finance
  • Practical applications of Blockchain in Finance
  • What does Blockchain Organizing mean for financials?
  • Questions and dialogue

In-house programme
The program can be given both in-house and by means of a registration per person. In case of in-house, the workshop is always composed with the client / participants in consultation and after an intake interview.

Duration of the workshop

  • Three hours or a day part
  • When the Blockchain Simulation Game is part of a (day) course or training, it takes two hours.

The workshop is very interactive. In addition to the theory, the simulation game will take 90 minutes. In addition, a current state of affairs is given on Blockchain for the financial.


  • Required: beamer and screen
  • Room with table in the middle for 6-10 people

The workshop does not require preparation of the participants.

Participants receive the book ‘Blockchain Organizing for Managers’.
Participants need a mobile smartphone for a simple app.

Group size
To be able to play the Blockchain game simulation, a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants are required.

The result of this workshop is a good basic knowledge of Blockchain technology, the possible applications in the financial field and the significance for organizations.

Next step
Possible next steps are:

  • Training Organising Blockchain for financials
  • Participating in Knowledge Centre Blockchain Organizing

Tariff advised
The advise rate per person is € 399 per (open) session for individual registration. That includes preparation, book, travel time / costs, possibly. location and catering costs, license for the game and ex. VAT.

In case of an in-house training for a group of 6 to 12 people, the rate is € 1400 fixed, plus € 100 (ex VAT) per participant. This includes license fees, book, domestic travel time / costs and license for the game, customization excluded.

For more information about the Blockchain simulation game, see here

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