About you

You like people and organizations that are able and willing to adapt. Not the status quo as basis for sustainable growth, but a good balance between humans and resources, scalability and flexibility and competition and cooperation. You understand why we work and why we organize our work. You know that there are different forms to organize work with: ‘the firm’, ‘the traditional market’ or more hybrid forms and new concepts such as Blockchain Organizing. You pursue the best organizing capacity to connect humans and resources to demand in the most productive way. You also like to work smarter in communities and networks. You are always looking for better and more efficient ways to organize work. Innovation by design is one of your slogans.

How to start?
The best way to start is to organize a @Roundtable with an introduction into Weconomics. After this introduction we could write a vision paper together: ‘Why should your organization invest in Weconomics organizing?’ Based on this paper you decide whether or not you want to continue for example.

Become a member of our community
It is possible to join our Weconomics community. After becoming a partner you will have better and faster and sometimes exclusive access to our knowledge, experience, applications and network.

More information
If you are interested in our organization, please contact us.